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NOTE: It is the responsibility of prospective bidders to check this website for any addenda issued prior to the bid opening. Failure to do so could result in the rejection of your submission. All prospective bidders who receive a bid from a bid service, it is your responsibility to check this website for any addenda issued.

About BCBC Purchasing

All Burlington County Bridge Commission purchasing is conducted in accordance with New Jersey’s Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A. 40A: 11-1 et seq.). The Bridge Commission also complies with New Jersey’s fair and open requirements and the awarding of contracts for those services exempt from the provision of public advertisement and bidding under the Local Public Contracts Law.

The Bridge Commission participates with the State of New Jersey in cooperative purchasing. The State of New Jersey formally bids commodities and extends to the Commission the opportunity to purchase from these contracts.

The Purchasing Department is located at 1300 Route 73 North, Palmyra, NJ 08065.  Goods and Services are procured through quote, bid or request for proposal.  Upon advertising for bids or proposals, the Purchasing Department sends specifications by vendor request to vendors registered in the Purchasing Portal.  Bids and proposals are opened publicly at the Burlington County Bridge Commission administration building.

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1/14/20RFPSoftware Development for Asset Management/Structural Health Monitoring (iCOMPASS) Ad RFP RFP Results
1/28/20RFPWeb Maintenance & Administration Services Ad RFP RFP Results
2/11/20BidMaintenance and Toll Clothing Ad Bid Bid Results
2/11/20BidElectrical Parts & Supplies Ad Bid Bid Results
3/6/20RFPEconomic Development & Redevelopment Services Ad RFP RFP Results
7/31/20RFPBurlington County Bridge Commission Advertisement For Proposals Maintenance of Bridges, Equipment and Other Facilities Ad RFP

Any questions regarding RFPs, RFQs, or Bids should be directed to Christine Nociti, Chief Financial Officer, cnociti@bcbridges.org FAX: (856) 829-5205.  Any technical problems or trouble accessing documents above, contact Ron Cesaretti, Deputy Director of IT, rcesaretti@bcbridges.org.   

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